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Authenticating a Coach Purse

Authenticating a Coach Purse

How do you go about authenticating a Coach purse? Here are some tips. You must take note of the stitching, the style number, hangtag, and serial number. These three elements will help you ensure that your coach purse is authentic. You must also take note of the bag’s serial number, which can be found on the hangtag or on the inside. If you have a hangtag, the authenticity will be easier to verify, as it will have the same serial number as the original.


One way to spot an authentic Coach purse is to inspect its stitching. Check for even spacing, neat seams, and a clean, straight stitch line. Also, make sure the bottom piping overlap is uniform and smooth. Finally, look for the Creed, which is usually stamped on the inside of the bag. Look for an easily-read font in the center of the creed and not puffy.

Another way to spot a fake Coach purse is by looking at the stitching. Compared to the leather quality, stitching can be a great way to determine if the purse is authentic or a fake. Coach usually stitches its bags neatly, without major flaws. However, you should be aware of the uneven stitching that sometimes shows up on older bags. If you find an uneven stitch, it’s most likely a fake.

Style number

If you’ve been eyeing a new Coach purse, it’s important to know the style number first. Many fake Coach bags don’t have a style number and are resold by previous employees. But you can easily spot a genuine bag by knowing its style number. If you’ve noticed your bag’s style number, you can compare it to a real Coach bag. If you’re unsure about the style number, you can always go online and search for images of the particular style and color of the bag.

If you want to know what type of Coach purse you have, check online for the style number. You can even call the Coach store in your city and ask them to look up the style number for you. Most of the time, a Coach store will verify the number before giving you the purse. However, some stores may still carry a Coach purse with the old style number. If this happens, try to find a new one before you decide to purchase it.


A hangtag on a Coach purse serves as its unique identification code. The logo tag is attached to the bag by a beaded chain. It is sometimes made of metal, which makes counterfeiters choose to mass-produce it. Look for the tag to be the same color as the trim on the bag, and make sure that the letters are crisp and uniform. Ensure that the “A” is pointed as well.

Another sign of authenticity is the stitching pattern. If the stitches do not meet, the bag is not authentic. A coach purse should have a stitched C-shape logo. You can look for these features on the hangtag of an authentic Coach purse. It is best to purchase authentic Coach items if they come with a hangtag. Authentic hangtags are always centered, and the stitching is uniform.

Serial number

One of the most important things to look for when authenticating a Coach purse is its serial number. Although this can be difficult to find on most Coach purses, you should be able to locate it online. You can also check for style names on the original price tag. However, it is best to use the style name as a guide. If you don’t find it, you might want to return it and purchase a new one.

Authenticating a Coach purse is a very easy task if you know how to look for it. All you need to do is post the question in the appropriate thread on a coach bag discussion forum. Make sure that you mention the item number and seller’s ID. Also, don’t forget to include some photos. Some authenticators will ask you for more. These are the most important parts of determining the authenticity of your bag.

Authenticity tag

There are several ways to tell if a Coach purse is a fake or not. The stitching and general construction of the bag can be a red flag. COACH doesn’t produce cheap replicas. You should also check the c pattern on the back of the bag. It should match the code. The stitching should be even and the stitches should be the same length. A fake bag will have stitching that overlaps.

Besides the style number, you can also check the date of manufacture of the bag. Look for a stamp on the tag, especially if the bag has a date of manufacture. Some authentic Coach purses have the style number stamped in the middle. If not, it is likely a fake. Check the tag for errors. Look for missing pieces, spelling errors, and other signs of inauthenticity. Authentic Coach bags come with a serial number stamped on the tag.

Authenticating a Coach Purse

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