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Do All Real Coach Purses Have a Serial Number?

Do All Real Coach Purses Have a Serial Number?

Do all real Coach purses have a serial number? Usually, not. But if you’re particularly interested in knowing, there’s a way to find out for sure. This article focuses on the SD, DK, and CC patterns. You can also find out if your Coach is authentic by checking out the serial number at a Coach store. You may also need to ask the retailer how to verify the number to avoid having to return it.


If you are not sure if you’re buying a real Coach purse, the RG serial number on the back of the bag is the key to its authenticity. While it might be easy to fake an RG serial number on a real Coach purse, there are a few ways to spot a fake. The RG serial number on a real Coach purse will be a different color than the one on a fake one.


How do you tell if your DK Coach purse is authentic? First, the serial number must be on the bag’s outside. Some models may have two different serial numbers. Serial numbers of DK Coach purses are usually four digits, including a dash. The other serial numbers will be found on the bag’s original price tag. You can find the style number of your purse by looking for it online or on the bag’s serial number drilldown page.


The best way to identify an authentic Coach purse is to check the bag’s serial number. The number can be found on the beaded chain or the metal tag at the bottom. The top of the tag should be rounded and not flat, as counterfeiters do so in mass production. Look for the lettering and a pointy “A” on the tag. If the lettering does not match the shape of the C, the bag is probably a fake.

CC pattern

A COACH bag is the most recognizable bag in the world, so if you are considering buying a replica, be sure to pay attention to the CC pattern. A real coach purse will have the CC pattern on the exterior only, not the lining. In addition, a genuine Coach bag never has the CC pattern on both the inside and outside. If you find a fake CC pattern on the inside, look for a solid color.

YKK zippers

Many people wonder if all authentic Coach purses have YKK zippers. While these zippers are typically made of the highest quality materials, some fakes might not use the same material. If you notice a zipper without the YKK logo, you should be able to tell if the purse is genuine. A genuine COACH bag will always be stamped with the COACH logo, but fakes may not.

Condition of stitching

Authenticity is based on many factors. One of these is the condition of the stitching on a real coach purse. A fake will not have this quality. A counterfeit will have a floppy or ripped stitching. A stitched COACH purse will feel like it is made of plastic or bonded leather. It should also be made of even-colored leather. Besides, the stitching should be evenly spaced.

Serial number

The serial number on real Coach purses is stamped on the interior of the bag. It is usually stamped in the bottom corner or on an inner pocket. However, the creed might still have a serial number stamped on it. If this is the case, the bag is not authentic. The best way to identify a fake Coach purse is to read the creed carefully and look for a “bullet” or “target” symbol stamped on it.

Do All Real Coach Purses Have a Serial Number?

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