How Can You Tell a Real Coach From a Fake?

If you’re looking for ways to tell a real Coach from a fake, read on! A hangtag, while important, isn’t a reliable indicator of authenticity. Authentic Coach bags do not have a hangtag, so you should never rely on this feature. Keep reading to find out how to tell a genuine Coach bag from a fake. Unless you’re sure, try putting the hangtag under the tag and see if you can spot the signature on the bag.

How to tell a real Coach from a fake

There are many ways to recognize a COACH purse or wallet. Early warning signs of a fake COACH handbag are underpriced or overpriced prices. Before you purchase a fake COACH purse or wallet, check its price on the official COACH website or Amazon. If you do not have access to any of these stores, you can also check it on eBay. If the price is very low, it might be a counterfeit.

A genuine Coach bag has two horizontal rows of the logo. The pattern should be perfectly aligned. A counterfeit will have a slightly crooked pattern. Another sign of a fake is a different shape and material than the original. If it feels cheap, it’s probably a fake. Be sure to pay close attention to the detail of the hardware. Make sure the metals feel heavy and solid.

To ensure authenticity, authentic Coach bags should have a creed, a serial number and a letter. The creed is usually stamped on the front and the back of the bag and includes a serial number. The creed number is printed inside the inner pocket of the bag, and should always start with a “No.” If you notice the serial number in the middle, it’s a fake. Another clue to a fake Coach bag is if the creed is off-center or crooked.

If you’re not sure if the seams on your COACH bag are stitched correctly, it’s a fake. Look at the zipper. Real COACH purses and wallets are always equipped with a YKK zipper, but counterfeits sometimes don’t have it. If the zippers are uneven or crooked, it’s not a genuine COACH purse or wallet.


When you’re buying a COACH wallet or purse, there are a few things you can look for to identify a counterfeit. One key way to tell the difference is if the wallet or purse is made of bonded leather or plastic. Similarly, you should look for ripped, frayed or floppy stitching. Lastly, if the wallet or purse does not feel like it is made of high quality materials, it is likely a fake.

Another way to tell a fake from a real Coach bag is by the stitching and construction of the bag. COACH does not produce sloppy products, so check that the stitches are uniform and the bag does not stretch. If the stitching on the bag is not even or looks crooked, it is a fake. You may also notice a large number of bags listed in the seller’s listing. This may be a sign that the seller has multiple replicas of the same bag.

Hangtag is not reliable for authentication

A Coach hangtag is not always reliable, especially the rectangular and lozenge varieties. Some fake hangtags are on authentic bags, and some are on fakes. While they look real, hangtags have many different variations, including oval, rectangular, and lozenge, making it difficult to distinguish fakes from real ones. But don’t despair: you can still get an authentic hangtag if you know how to identify it.

Bags with hangtag

Hangtags can tell you a lot about the authenticity of a Coach handbag. However, they can’t always be relied upon. Check for the Cs on the serial number, which should be centered and bold. The lettering on the hangtag should match the stitching on the bag’s exterior and should not be doubled or crooked. If the hangtag looks too puffy or crooked, it is a fake.

Another sign of a counterfeit is a different font on the hangtag. Authentic Coach bags feature a font that is not symmetrical or flat at the top, like the ones on Target. This also helps you to avoid being fooled by fakes. Check the angle of the bag to see if it looks oddly angled. A fake bag will probably be off center or symmetrical.

Bags with hangtag not reliable for authentication

Many consumers have come to believe that bags with a hangtag are not authentic. The hangtag can be a very helpful identification tool for vintage or authentic designer bags, but is it always reliable? The answer depends on which hangtag you see. Some hangtags are rectangular, while others are lozenge-shaped. These can be fake, but the hangtag itself is not. A real hangtag can look fake or may not be present at all. Coach has used different variations over the years. Authenticating hangtags will tell you whether the bag is real or not.

How Can You Tell a Real Coach From a Fake?