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How Do You Know Coach Bag is Real?

One of the first signs of a fake COACH bag is sloppy stitching. The stitches on a COACH bag should be uniformly long and straight. The stitching should also be unbroken. Another sign of a counterfeit is that the bag does not look like any other bag you’ve seen before. It may look flimsy or have a strange pattern or color.

The creed on a Coach bag includes four numerals and a dash. This creed number can be found on the inside of the bag and can be found on the tag. You can check the creed number online to ensure it matches the genuine article. A fake creed can be easily detected with little research. The final thing to look for is a crease. If the seams are not even, the bag is probably plastic.

Lastly, the creed patch is another telltale sign. It should have a small, white “COACH” raised on it. The creed is usually located on the lower right corner of the bag. Be sure that the creed is raised. If it is not, it is probably fake. It’s also important to note that the lining of a Coach bag is always white, with the “COACH” logo in the center.

The main difference between a fake and authentic Coach bag is leather. A fake is made of low-quality leather and poorly stitched. It might also be a variation of the CC pattern. A real Coach bag will also feature the company’s logo on the hardware. A fake one may even have a stitched chain or other irregularities. You can check for these signs of authenticity from the COACH website.

Moreover, the serial number is a vital clue. A fake bag will have a serial number that doesn’t include letters, making it impossible to be authenticated. If the serial number is missing or unreadable, it is likely a fake. It is not possible to determine if a coach bag is genuine. But it will look similar to a copy if it has the same creed.

A fake Coach bag will have a metal tag. But the real one will have a leather panel with a square-shaped logo. It will also have the creed, “This is a genuine Coach bag,” and the maker’s address. It will be made in China with high-quality materials and stitched. A genuine Coach bag will have a square-shaped logo on the outside.

The style number and year of manufacture are the most important indicators of authenticity. The style number is not enough to determine the authenticity of a Coach bag. The style number is the most important factor when buying a fake. If the two logos are different, the chances are that the faux one isn’t a real Coach purse. The same applies to the leather tag. Regardless of the style, a counterfeit is fake because it has the same font and stitching.

The creed can also be a good indicator of authenticity. The creed includes a letter, four numerals, and a dash. If you notice an irregularity in the stitching, the bag is likely a counterfeit. If you notice any of these signs, you can search for the information you need online. This can help you find the authentic Coach bag. However, it’s best to ensure that you don’t buy a fake.

The leather tag is an easy way to determine a fake. Look for a beaded metal chain. It should match the trim on the bag. If the creed is not raised, it’s not a genuine Coach bag. In addition, the stitching must be in good condition. A fake one will have the same stitching as a real one. If you see this, then the coach bag is a fake.

How Do You Know Coach Bag is Real?

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