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How to Check Authenticity Coach Bag Serial Number

How to Check Authenticity Coach Bag Serial Number

If you are considering purchasing a Coach handbag, you will want to check its serial number for authenticity. It is usually four digits with a dash, including the style and production numbers. These are the best ways to determine the authenticity of a Coach bag. To make sure the number on your Coach handbag is genuine, you can follow the steps outlined below. Listed below are some other tips you may want to keep in mind.

Authenticity tags

One way to tell if a Coach bag is fake is by checking the bag’s authenticity tag. This tag is attached by a beaded chain. Sometimes, the tag is made of metal. Counterfeiters often use metal tags because they’re cheaper and easier to make. The serial number should be crisp and uniform, with the “A” pointed. The tag should also be centered. A fake one will have stitching that overlaps.

Another red flag: the stitching. If the stitches on the bag don’t match up or look uneven, then the coach bag is probably fake. The stitching should be the same length as the previous one. The seams should also be straight, without any overstitching. A seller listing an unusually large number of the same bag is another red flag. Many replicas have been manufactured on the Internet, and they are often labeled as authentic.

YKK zipper

When you’re looking to purchase a Coach bag, the first thing you’ll want to check for is the YKK zipper. The brand uses YKK zippers, which are metal standard zippers with a YKK logo on the upper case and a line at the top and bottom of the zipper. A real zipper should be smooth and not ripped along the middle seam. However, some fakes may not feature the YKK logo.

You should also check for COACH logos on the buckle and other hardware. The logo should be visible but not overpowering. Some newer COACH bags aren’t stamped with COACH, so make sure to compare the buckle and other hardware to photos of the original product. YKK zippers are also used in the production of COACH wallets. The YKK zipper should be a part of the lining, and the serial number should be stamped on it as well.

Two vertical “C” patterns

A signature fabric has a distinctive double-sided pattern of crooked “Cs.” The tip of one horizontal “C” should touch the tip of the other horizontal “C” in the center of the front panel and back panel of the bag. To check for authenticity, the CC pattern should align horizontally and vertically. The horizontal “C”s should be lined up, while the vertical “Cs” should be evenly spaced.

Another sign of authenticity is the symmetrical ‘C’ pattern on the back of a genuine Coach bag. In genuine pieces, two ‘C’ patterns alternate vertically and horizontally. The ‘C’ pattern is perfectly aligned, while crooked patterns denote a fake. Authentic Coach bags also have two ‘C’ patterns with vertical alignment. If it’s one ‘C’ pattern, then the bag is a fake.

Quality hardware

If you’re wondering how to check the authenticity of a coach bag, you’ve come to the right place. While the serial number isn’t the most important part of an authentic bag, it’s nonetheless important to determine if the bag is authentic. You can get a general idea of the bag’s style by looking at its serial number. If you’re unsure about how to find the serial number, you can also use Google’s search function.

The serial number of a Coach bag is four digits long and is found inside the bottom right pocket. The first letter represents the year and month the bag was produced. The next two digits are the style number and manufacturing date. The dash indicates whether the bag was made in Italy or the United States. Once you have figured out these numbers, you can start checking the authenticity of your new bag! And, the serial number will help you avoid getting scammed when you buy a fake.


If you’re looking for the simplest way to tell if your Coach bag is authentic, look for the bag’s serial number. The style number and year of manufacture are two of the most important elements in the serial number. If these features do not match, it is unlikely to be authentic. A great way to check the authenticity of a bag is with the help of Google. Try searching for the style and a serial number of your bag on Google and you’ll likely find some pictures. Also, if you’re unsure of the style, look for images of the style and color on the Internet.

Another easy way to check the authenticity of a Coach bag is to look for the creed of the bag. It contains a letter, four numerals, and a dash. Older vintage bags will have more than three digits, and you can usually check the serial number of a bag by its creed by searching it online. It should be pointed at the top and rounded. If it does not, then it is likely a fake.

How to Check Authenticity Coach Bag Serial Number

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