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How to Check Coach Authenticity

If you are interested in acquiring a genuine Coach handbag, you should first understand the importance of authenticity. This is because counterfeit bags can be easily identified due to different features and materials used by the brand. When it comes to checking the authenticity of a Coach handbag, hanging tags are one of the most important factors. If you are buying a fake bag, you must ensure that it does not have any defects in the stitching or material. In addition, a handbag made of cheap and fake material will be prone to tearing easily.

A genuine Coach bag has a distinctive logo tag attached by a beaded metal chain. The name ‘COACH’ should be raised. Authentic tags are never imprinted or printed; instead, they are created by a team of experts. The leather used for a Coach tag is always of the highest quality, so that it will be difficult to fake. Despite these features, the leather used for a Coach bag is quite expensive, so it is vital to keep in mind the quality of a Coach bag.

Suppose you’re wondering if your Coach bag is genuine or fake; you need to check its authenticity tag. It should be in English and capitalized. After the dash, it should start with “NO” and include four numbers. The authenticity tag is also centered and free from creases. The stitching on a real Coach bag should be consistent without any typos. It should not be sloppy or uneven.

A real Coach bag may contain a metal tag. Some counterfeiters mass-produce these tags and enclose them with fake bags. The tag should have the word ‘COACH’ raised in the leather. The tag should not be glued to the bag’s interior and should have a ykk zipper. Authenticity tags should also have neat stitching and be without creases. The creed should have no misspellings or typos, and it should be a raised rectangle.

Another important part of a Coach bag is the authenticity tag. The tag is an integral part of the bag and should be attached with a metal chain. It should have a raised “COACH” in the center. If the tag is inked, it is not an authentic Coach bag. So, if you’re thinking about buying a fake Coach handbag, make sure to read the creed and check for it before buying.

A newer style Coach handbag is lined with various fabrics. The fabric should be of high quality and should never be cheap. A low-quality fabric should indicate that the bag is fake. Besides, it should be lined with a matching lining. Moreover, the bag’s interior should be stitched neatly and has no signs of leaking water. Its serial number will be the determining factor in identifying the authenticity of a Coach handbag.

The creed is not stamped consistently on all the Coach handbags. It can be stamped lightly or differently, depending on the manufacturer. A fake bag may be missing this creed because it is not stamped standardly. Hence, it is important to read the creed to check the authenticity of a Coach handbag. If the creed is not stamped correctly, it is not authentic.

Another way to check the authenticity of a Coach handbag is to ask other people who own a Coach handbag. If you are looking for a genuine one, the leather should be buttery-soft and smooth. Conversely, a fake bag may be pleather, plastic, or even foam. In addition, the stitching of a fake Coach handbag should be uneven. Likewise, if a fake is stitched with cheap thread, it is not genuine.

Besides comparing the color of a Coach handbag to that of a similar style, look at the cred patch of a genuine bag. The cred patch is a small leather that displays small text on the leather. The tag can be made of hard plastic, but it must be attached to the bag with a beaded metal chain. It should be leather, and its “COACH” should be raised. Therefore, a fake Coach bag will not have this cred, and the corresponding authenticity mark will be void.

How to Check Coach Authenticity

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