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How to Check Coach Bag Serial Number

If you have a Coach bag and want to make sure it is authentic, you need to know how to check the serial number.

There is a thread called “Authenticate This” where you can ask questions and receive answers from experts.

To post on this thread, you will need the bag’s style number and its listing number.

Afterward, post your questions or comments about the bag in the thread.

How to Check a Coach Bag Serial Number

The good news is that the company is extremely knowledgeable about their newer bags.

But what about vintage ones? If you know how to check a bag’s serial number, you can easily find it on the internet.

You can type the number into the search bar of your web browser.

Authenticity Tags are Made of Leather Square Panels

Coach bags have leather square panels with a stamped serial number.

If the serial number is inked, it’s a red flag.

There’s another way to verify authenticity: use the picture of your bag.

Some fakes have inked serial numbers and style codes, which are attached separately.

The cred is a separate, stitched-on panel that has the style and production codes.

Style Number is a Unique Serial Number

If you have a Coach bag, you might be wondering if it has a style number.

The serial number is stamped inside the COACH bag on a square patch of leather sewn into the lining.

Some smaller purses do not have a serial number, however.

You can use this information to identify fake COACH bags.

There is a section on the Coach website titled “Counterfeit Education” with bold text and a small square.

Signs of a Fake Coach Bag

Fake Coach bags often have poorly stitched monograms, lack symmetry, and may have uneven seams.

The serial number of a genuine COACH bag will be listed on the credo patch inside the bag.

Even though it’s hard to tell, the stitching on real Coach bags is generally clean and symmetrical.

Coach also places the C in pairs, facing each other, if the stitching looks uneven, it’s probably a fake.

Look for Snags in the Zipper

When checking the serial number of a Coach Bag, you need to know the style number.

The serial number can also be located on the creed, a small rectangular patch that’s sewn on the bag’s inside.

Some Coach bags don’t have creeds, so look for snags in the zipper.

If the creed has a crooked or off-center print, it’s not a genuine Coach bag.

Check the Stitching

A Coach Bag serial number may be a little tricky to read, especially if you don’t know the brand.

While the old-style numbers used to appear on the front panel, the new-style ones are often hidden inside the bag.

You can still tell whether a Coach bag is authentic by checking the stitching on its back.

Can I Look Up a Coach Serial Number?

Coach bags always come with a leather patch with the serial number attached.

If you can’t find the tag, you’ll be able to look up the number on a sales tag or on the bag itself.

How to tell if a Coach Bag is Authentic

Authentic Coach handbags have several serial numbers. If the serial number is not displayed, you might be looking at a fake.

Make sure to look at the stitches to see if they are even or crooked.

Although COACH doesn’t make sloppy products, check the creed on the bag.

The creed is usually written in capital letters and contains details about the bag’s origin.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Bag

The serial number tag is found underneath the interior pocket zipper.

Check to make sure the serial number is not rounded or flat.

Most of the time, a fake bag will be without a style number.

If you are sure the style number is present, you can take steps to ensure its authenticity.

How to Check the Craftsmanship of a Coach Bag

Coach bags are famous for their attention to detail and commitment to quality.

A genuine Coach bag will have a red drawstring and be stamped with the words, “COACH EST 1941” in gold.

A fake Coach purse will also have a tooth hound lining, which is usually found on higher-end knock-offs.

How to Authenticate a Coach Bag

Coach bags are often very expensive, and even wristlets cost several hundred dollars.

A serial number is one of the most common ways to verify a handbag’s authenticity.

If you’re buying a Coach bag online, check the serial number to make sure it’s authentic.

Be wary of a seller who lists an unusually large number of replicas.

Do All Coach Bags Have YKK Zippers?

If the zipper pull on your handbag does not have a YKK pull, it is most likely fake.

You can do a little research online to see whether the bag has YKK zippers, or if it has a zipper pull made by another company.

If you are looking for an authentic Coach bag, you are better off looking for a Coach outlet.

Coach Bags Authenticity

If you’re looking for an authentic Coach handbag, you’ll want to check its YKK zippers.

Look for the COACH logo stamped on most of the metal hardware.

A fake Coach bag will also have a small and flat logo on the front.

If the leather feels slick or is easy to scratch, it’s probably fake.

Authenticate Coach Outlet Bags

You can check the authenticity of Coach outlet bags with YKK zipper by looking for the “F” stamp at the beginning of the creed on the bag.

Authentic Coach purses will always have a leather hangtag with the word “Coach” embossed on the front.

Coach does not include a metal hangtag unless they are limited edition.

AuthenticateĀ Coach Brand Bags

YKK zippers on the interior and exterior of a Coach bag are an excellent sign of quality.

You can tell if your bag is fake by looking at its stitching and quality materials.

A genuine COACH bag doesn’t have over-stitched seams, whereas a fake one does.

A fake will also come in colors other than black and white and might have misspelled words.

The Difference Between a Coach and Coach Factory Purse

The Coach Factory purses have a lifetime warranty and feature YKK or Ideal zippers and metal tags.

They are made of high-quality material and are lightweight to carry.

However, many things separate the two purses.

Coach Factory Purses Have a Lifetime Warranty

Coach handbags and leather goods come with a one-year warranty.

You can also get free repairs from the Coach website for manufacturing defects.

If you notice a tear or crack in the leather, a coach outlet store may be a better option.

To save money on a Coach purse or handbag, look for one that is heavily discounted.

They Have YKK or Ideal Zippers

Coach bags almost always have YKK or Ideal zippers.

If the zipper pulls feel rough or snags easily, you may be looking at a fake.

Check the length of each stitch and the line of stitching.

Some replicas are sold online and claim to be authentic, but they might be fakes.

They Have Metal Tags

The metal tag on a Coach bag is an important part of the authenticity of a Coach purse.

If it is not metal, check the label on the interior and look for the serial number inside the tag.

In the 1970s, this serial number was three digits and followed by a dash, later it grew to four digits and included letters and numbers.

If you can’t find this metal tag, contact the seller and ask for a photo of the real item.

Easy to Carry

The Coach Factory has more than 200 locations across the country, and you can even buy your new handbag from a factory outlet store.

This bag is perfect for the everyday person because it’s lightweight and easy to carry.

The classic tote will make a classic dress look chic and fashionable when you carry a Coach Factory purse.


The retail price of Coach and Factory purses is full-priced.

If you’re not willing to pay full price for a Coach or a Factory purse, consider using a discount coupon.

Coach Outlet products are not necessarily of the same quality as those sold in upscale retail stores, but the price is still lower.


Coach Factory Outlet stores are usually offering 70% off storewide.

During the Winter Sale, you can save up to 50% off your purchase.

Products in the factory outlet stores are typically 30-60% less than those in the high-end retail sector.

The brand is famous for its top-quality bags, so it’s a good idea to check out the outlet stores for a bargain.

Do All Coach Bags Have Hang Tags?

The Coach logo hangs tag is attached to the bag using a beaded chain.

Some tags are made of metal, but counterfeiters are increasingly mass-producing metal ones for less money.

Make sure the hang tag matches the trim of your bag, is crisp and uniform, and has the Coach logo spelled with a pointed “A”.


Authenticating your Coach handbag is a two-step process – the first step is identifying its style number and manufacturing code.

Identifying style numbers can be difficult since they are often misspelled or inconsistent.

The stitching on a bag should also be uniform – an authentic bag will not have any overlapped stitches.

Check the style number of the bag too, as fakes sometimes have the wrong number.

Signs of a Fake Coach Bag

You can tell if a COACH bag is real or fake by the type of font on the company’s logo and the construction of the bag.

If the font is raised or pointed at the top, it is most likely a fake.

You can also tell if the bag is made in China by the white tag that says “Made in China”.


Authentic Creed bags are easily identifiable by their hang tags.

If the bag was made after 1994, the last four digits should be the same as the rest of the serial number.

Some bags will feature a “bullet” or “target” symbol on the creed.

This indicates they were sold at an outlet store for full price.

Quality of Hardware

Look for the quality of the hardware on your Coach bags.

Genuine Coach bags are made with brass or nickel-plated hardware.

Fake Coach bags often have cheap metals or plastic parts.

Coach bags should be heavy and solid, with crisp, uniform letters.

If you see any of these characteristics, you should be able to tell whether it is a real Coach or not.

Placement of Hang Tag

The placement of a hang tag on your Coach bag is important to its overall appearance.

In addition to the hang tag, you should also consider other factors, such as its size, font, and color.

You can also choose whether to add a QR-CODE, which is an important element of a tag.

How to Check Coach Bag Serial Number

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