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How to Spot an Authentic Coach Handbag

How to Spot an Authentic Coach Handbag

So, you want to know what makes a Coach handbag authentic, right? Well, one of the first things to check is the font. The coach logo should be shaped like a C. Never see the letter C with a flat top, it should be rounded like a C. Also, check the stitching of the bag. If you don’t notice it, that’s because it’s not authentic.

Authentic Coach bags should have two vertical and two horizontal C patterns

Authentic Coach bags should have a “C” pattern with two vertical and two horizontal ‘C’s. Both of these patterns should be symmetrical so that the ‘C’s are aligned and face each other. Genuine bags have the “C’s” arranged in pairs that alternate vertically and horizontally, while fake bags have the ‘C’s arranged incorrectly or are printed with an ‘O’ instead. Genuine Coach bags are made of brass or silver material, whereas fake bags are made from plastic or pleated metal.

Another way to identify an authentic Coach bag is to look for its serial number. Serial numbers on luxury designer bags are extremely important and are a good way to determine the authenticity of a piece. Coach introduced several new style numbers in early 2020, and although each style number still consists of a letter and four numbers, they now come with a dash instead. You can identify an authentic Coach bag by comparing its serial number to the one on the style’s website.

The font used by COACH should also be of high quality. If you find the font too flat or too narrow, then you probably have a fake COACH bag. Make sure the font is pointed, as stock photos are usually cut and pasted from the COACH website. In case you are unsure of the font, contact the seller and ask for a real photo of the bag. If the seller says the bag is authentic but doesn’t provide a photo of the bag in question, then it’s probably fake.

Authentic Coach bags should have YKK zippers

An authentic Coach bag will almost always have a YKK zipper. There have been instances in which a Coach bag may not have a zipper at all, but you should be able to find this stamp on the small metal zipper pull. YKK zippers are smooth and reliable and are an indicator of a high-quality coach bag. You should also look for leather zipper pulls and a series of rings.

To tell if a bag has genuine YKK zippers, look for two vertical and horizontal “C” patterns. Make sure that both patterns line up perfectly. If one is slightly crooked, then it is probably not authentic. The horizontal “C” should be touching the vertical “C” for a true Coach bag. If the two “C”s aren’t aligned, it isn’t authentic.

Another tell-tale sign of an authentic Coach bag is if it has YKK zippers. The brand is not known for sloppy craftsmanship and this is not a sign of authenticity. YKK zippers are usually found on high-quality, expensive products and shouldn’t be replaced easily. Look for YKK zippers on the inside as well. If you don’t find any, look elsewhere.

Check the stitching on a coach bag

One of the key elements in identifying a genuine Coach bag is its stitching. As much as possible, the stitching on Coach bags should be neat and free of major flaws. On rare occasions, the stitching on a Coach bag will be uneven, especially on older versions. To spot a counterfeit, check the stitching carefully and inspect the seams for evenness. A counterfeit Coach bag will look like it doesn’t belong in your wardrobe.

The stitching is another sign of authenticity. While counterfeits often make the seams look ragged and sloppy, authentic Coach bags use a fine thread that is not too twisted. Moreover, if the stitching on a Coach bag is uneven or clumsy, it’s a clear sign of a fake. Another tell-tale sign of a fake is its creed, the leather square frame that contains the style number and serial number. It’s stitched and centered without any visible flaw.

If you see a fake COACH bag on an online auction site, be wary. Stock photos are often cropped and pasted from the official COACH website and have a plain white background. If you spot a blurry photo, contact the seller and ask to see the original. If a photo of an actual COACH bag appears, then the seller is legitimate. If a seller fails to provide a photo, don’t buy.

How to Spot an Authentic Coach Handbag

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