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How to Tell What Coach Purse You Have

How to Tell What Coach Purse You Have

Whether you’re wondering how to tell what Coach purse you have, or you’ve just lost track of your favorite purse, there are a few easy ways to spot a fake. A Coach purse features signature C jacquard material that’s easy to identify – you’ll always find the pattern running down the center of the bag. Moreover, this pattern will be consistent throughout the entire purse.


There are some simple steps you can take to determine whether a coach purse is authentic. For instance, you should check the CC pattern on the turnlock. The CC pattern should be larger on the outside and thinner on the inside, making it difficult to make a fake. You should also check whether the CC pattern is stamped on the bag’s interior. Unless the CC pattern is stamped on both sides, you’re not buying an authentic Coach.

The full Coach logo, which includes the iconic man with a whip on a carriage pulled by horses, can also be found on every authentic Coach purse. Other hallmarks of an authentic Coach purse include the word “Coach” in capital letters. “Est. 1941” can also be seen on some Coach purses. The “A” in the Coach logo is also pointy. Coach’s most famous purses include the duffle bag, which features a turnlock closure.

Style Number

The easiest way to tell if the Coach purse you have is a fake is to check its inside lining. A real Coach purse will have a solid color satin lining while a high-quality knockoff will have a solid-colored silk lining. Most fakes will have the signature C lining. To avoid getting ripped off, make sure you know exactly what style of Coach purse you have.

If the coach bag you own is a promotional bag, the style number will not be stamped on the creed. Instead, you can look for the style number on a tiny white tag that is usually found in the bottom corner or an interior pocket. Special edition Coach bags will also have the style number stamped on the creed. You can also look for a “bullet” or “target” symbol stamped on the creed.

Creed patch

A genuine Coach purse will feature a creed patch that contains the name of the designer and its serial number. Although creed patches were not included on most bags produced during the 1960s, they did begin to be included in the 1970s. If you see the letter F before the style code, the purse is likely a fake. But if the creed patch is missing, you’re wasting your time looking for it.

Another way to recognize a fake Coach purse is by looking for the style number on the creed patch. Many fake Coach bags do not have this. The creed patch is usually located on the inside of a bag, on the interior pocket. Some fakes have no creed patch, while others may have a small white tag attached to the back. If you find the creed patch on a coach purse, it might be missing.

Serial number

There are some signs that your coach bag isn’t authentic. Look for the ‘C’ pattern in the back and a well-aligned C pattern on the back of the bag. A Coach bag without a style number may be a fake or a promotional bag. Look for quality hardware and tags, as well as a properly aligned C pattern on the front. The serial number should have a ‘C’ pattern, as well.

The most important part of a bag’s serial number is its style number, which includes the year of manufacture. If you have a style number but cannot tell what model your bag is, you can use Google to identify it. Do a Google search and look at images of the same style. If you can’t find an image of the bag you have, try to identify the style and color of another bag with that number.

How to Tell What Coach Purse You Have

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