What Is Authentic Coach Bag?

How do you know if a bag is genuine or not? When looking at a website, try to check out the pictures on the page. These are usually a good indication that the bag you’re interested in is genuine. You can also check out the location of logo tags and labeling. Those can tell you if you’re looking at a fake. If the picture looks blurry, the bag is probably not authentic.

The creed on a Coach handbag is a great way to identify it as genuine. Look for a leather creed attached to the bag’s side with a beaded metal chain. The word “COACH” should be raised, and the font is always the same. A poorly made bag will have leather pieces that don’t fit and bulk up in certain areas. The leather should smell like the real thing and show signs of aging.

The authenticity tag should be centered and well-written in English. The word “COACH” should be in all caps. The name of the brand should also be spelled correctly. The serial number of the bag must match the style of the bag. Authentic handbags usually cost a few thousand dollars, but they can retail for a few hundred dollars. A wristlet or small bag will normally cost you $75 and $135.

The tag attached to the bag should be a raised “COACH.” The “COACH” should not be imprinted. Counterfeiters mass-produce these tags. The stitching on the interior is also important. Make sure that the strap is firmly fastened. If the strap is not, then you’re probably looking at a fake. Moreover, the stitching on the tag isn’t uniform.

The tag of the bag should be in English. The letter “COACH” should be in bold and in upper case. The word “Coach” should be in a higher-case font. If it doesn’t, it’s likely to be a fake. The tag should also be capitalized and not be in the upper case. In addition, the tag should be attached to the bag by a beaded metal chain.

The brand’s name is essential in determining whether a bag is authentic. The YKK on the zipper pull of a genuine Coach bag is the brand’s trademark. If the logo isn’t there, it’s not an authentic handbag. It is an imitation. This is the reason the label is so important. Its color is vital in determining its authenticity. You should also be able to identify the YKK code on the tag.

A metal beaded chain attaches the tag of an authentic Coach bag. Its color and trim should match the style of the bag. A raised “COACH always attaches a genuine COACH bag.” Those tags are not imprinted; instead, they are made from leather and look real. Lastly, a real COACH handbag will have a leather lining and a YKK zipper.

Another clue that an authentic Coach bag is authentic is the fabric used in the monogram. The “CC” pattern inside an authentic monogram bag is always evenly aligned. Although it may be slightly crooked in a knock-off, it’s impossible to mistake a genuine one. An authentic monogram’s horizontal “C” should match the vertical one in a symmetrical pattern.

Besides the stitching, the creed of an authentic COACH handbag is the best indicator that the bag is authentic. It’s important to note that the creed is not imprinted on a handbag. Its name is a raised version of the logo on a genuine one. If the logo is raised, then it’s a genuine COACH bag. Moreover, it has a metal tag attached to it.

A c-pattern on a genuine Coach bag is always attached with a metal chain. A corresponding beaded metal chain should be found inside a genuine handbag. The c-pattern of the “COACH” is raised, whereas the “co” of a fake is low-profile. Likewise, a fake Coach bag with a fake c-pattern on its back will not be easily recognizable.

What Is Authentic Coach Bag?